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About Wonky Weaver

Wonky Weaver was started through our passion for textiles and fabrics, alongside our research interests in the historical use of local materials and natural dyes in Wales, led to a desire to learn and develop the art of weaving and dyeing.  Despite trying, we still haven't mastered the art of spinning!  We have carefully selected the best yarns and materials with customised patterns to create the finest hand made products. Two floor looms are used to lovingly create our hand-woven Wonky Weaver® Originals products here in Wales, UK.

We simply love colour.  We offer a full portfolio of synthetic and natural dyes, indigo, salts and mordants to combine with all your dyeing project needs. 

We are opening our first retail shop in Llandovery, Wales in Spring 2022.  This will enable our customers to see the products, demo weaving looms and run through any questions before making any purchases.  

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