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Beautiful Creations by Paper et Paint

We are truly overwhelmed and honoured to represent the beautiful artworks from Paper et Paint by Issy.

Paper et Paint is the creation by the renowned artist, painter and scientist Issy Cuthbert.

These wonderful animal creations emerged from Issy's experimentation with paper-making, and her eco-friendly desire to recycle and transform old paper into new, unique & textured pieces of artwork.  Combined with Issy's joy of hand painting animals, the wonky edged and bumpy texture of the paper brings these wonderful animals to life.  They have a wonderful rustic look, with bright and beautiful coloration. 

We offer the option to frame these lovelies in a box frame on acid free backing paper, and are happy to gift wrap for a special occasion. These little wonders will make for a truly original, unique and special gift for any occasion, or just for your own enjoyment!

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