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Colour intensity - natural dye extracts

Whether you are a seasoned natural dyer, wanting to have a go, or natural colouring cosmetics and handmade soaps, the range of Wonky Weaver natural plant dye extracts are perfect. Yielding a more concentrated colouration, with little residue or plant debris, and only using a small amount (typically 5% WOF - for natural dyeing), we offer a whole range of natural colours. The extracts we have on offer are as follows:

  • Chlorophyllin extract

  • Pomegranate extract

  • Annatto Orange extract

  • Onion extract

  • Sappanwood extract

  • Cutch extract

  • Marigold extract

  • Areca nut extract

  • Himalayan rhubarb extract

  • Acacia Bark extract

  • Cutch extract

  • Gallnut extract

  • Myrobalan extract

  • Madder extract

  • LAC extract

Perfect for adding natural colour to fibres, wool, fabric, wood, handmade soaps, candles and much much more!

However, if you prefer to use the dye plant powders (100% ground plant material) in their raw form, we have these widely available on our website also.

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