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Easter with Emilia

We thought we would celebrate Easter a little earlier than planned with the introduction of the little Glimåkra Emilia Rigid Heddle Looms. These lovely little looms made from Birchwood in Sweden are the perfect partner for weaving beginners and enthusiasts alike. The loom is available in two widths - 35cm and 50cm

The Emilia is a portable, folding rigid heddle loom and therefore is a great easy way to learn to weave. The loom is very lightweight and foldable and can be carried around in a carry bag.

The heddle is held by brackets so it's secure for easier weaving and will not topple over when you are weaving. The locking of the loom frame provides a tensioning device which always gives you even tension on your warp. Sturdy metal ratchets with many teeth also provide you with the tension you need.

As an Easter special we are packaging the Emilia with absolutely everything you need to get started including:

  • Three Heddles/Reeds:

8 dent (perfect for bulkier yarns) 10 dent (perfect for worsted medium yarns) 12 dent (perfect for finer yarns)

  • Sley Hook

  • Threading Hook

  • Table Clamps (for use on table without stand)

  • Warping Peg

  • Shuttle

  • Texsolv cord

  • Second Heddle Holder

  • Instruction Book

  • Floor Stand

  • Carry Bag

Visit our website to see the Emilia loom bundle now -

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