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Louët David III Looms here at Wonky Weaver, Wales, UK

Louët has now launched the Louët David III loom - its 3rd generation David loom which encompasses many new unique features and improvements. The Louët David III now comes with a large sinking shed created from a more precise lam connection. The single set of lams that connecting the treadles and shaft movement only moves downwards.

The shed of the Louët David III has similarities with a counter-march shed where the warp threads are pulled both upwards and downwards creating a large optimal shed (just like a countermarch loom).

With the Louët David III, the spring force transfers through the unique cam discs. During their rotation, the force required to depress a treadle reduces, resulting in their highest position the shafts are pulled up considerably and when you press a treadle, the lighter it is and the weight of your leg is sufficient to keep the shed open which is a fabulous improvement.

The Louët David III has the shed of a counter-march, with a simpler tie-up system. Tie-ups are easy and tie-up cords remain permanently attached to the lams and can then be moved across the lam to the appropriate treadle, at which point you only have to hook the cord to the screw head.

A description of the improvements on the Louët David III are as follows:

Sturdier frame on the Louët David III It has a sturdier frame: the front posts, the main uprights and the foot rail are 27 mm thick (was 21 mm).

Standing beater on the Louët David III Standing beater, with a hinge point close to the floor, the result is smooth movement and a favorable pivot radius to strike the fell line.

Advance lever on the Louët David III We have added a new cloth beam advance lever. It has a magnet that holds the pawl in the ratchet wheel, allowing you to advance more fabric with one movement of the handle.

Breast beam on the Louët David III The breast beam has countersunk holes to make it easier to mount the beam on the front posts.

Tension brake on the warp beam on the Louët David III The tension brake on the warp beam is no longer an accessory, but standard. The brake disc is much larger and is now also a crank handle with which you can wind on your warp. The handle rotates in the disc, not in your hand.

Folding on the Louët David III Folding the David is easier and there are no loose parts that can get lost.

Wooden raddle covers on the Louët David III - We include two wooden raddle covers that you can slide over the raddle. These are useful for inserting the warp threads into the raddle and then they close the raddle when winding on your warp.

Hinge hooks on the Louët David III The hinge hooks of the beater are mounted on the loom and not on the beater uprights. This makes it easier to remove and replace the beater.

Warp beam and the cloth beam on the Louët David III The warp beam and the cloth beam have a larger diameter. This requires fewer revolutions to wind your warp beam and therefore less tension discrepancies in the warp threads. The sectional warp kit now has space for 4 bars that attach to the warp beam, instead of 3. This improves assembly and function.

Tie-up cords on the Louët David III The tie-up cords for the treadles are permanently connected to the lams and can be moved above the treadles where you need them. The screw heads on the treadles are slightly smaller, making it easier to hook on the cords.

Adjustment of the shaft height on the Louët David III You can now adjust the shaft height with a knurled nut and the horizontal adjustment with a screw. Therefore the small texsolv pins in the cords are no longer needed.

Side clamps on the Louët David III Two side clamps are included and useful when setting up and threading the warp.

Instructions to dress the loom for the Louët David III In addition to the assembly instructions, there are instructions on how to dress the loom.

We welcome your enquiries on the new Louët David III. We have several on stock order arriving soon, and way ahead of Christmas.

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