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Loving Pomegranate, Loving Dyeing with You!...

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a bit of an odd fruit to many of us, and you either love it or hate it! The plant is a fruit-bearing deciduous which grows between 5-10 metres tall and originates from Iran to Northern India but over time has also been cultivated in the Mediterranean. To grow successfully is needs hot and dry climates. The name comes from the latin Pomum (apple) and medieval latin Granatum, meaning a dark red colour (similar to garnet in French but a slightly later derivation in latin).

Many of us love pomegranate for the eating and the drinking - simply in juice form, or to garnish salads, enhance cocktails or for the booze lovers to enjoy in the fermented form as wine or a couple of other inebriating beverages of ones choosing on a Saturday night.

Despite all the purported medicinal benefits, health claims, and in some countries the symbolisation of fertility and prosperity and such like, you must be wondering why we love "PomumGranatum" (Pomegranate)?

Well we don't really! The soft fruit is rather seedy, zesty and sour but on the other-hand give us that dry leathery peel and we are all yours! The pomegranate peel is what we love! The peel, the truly lovely peel!!! Not pee, PEEL!! :-)

Why do we love that dreadful peel you ask? Due to the richness of the tannins in the pee of pomegranate, it makes one of the best lightfastness dyes particularly when dying cotton, bamboo and other cellulosic materials. This also means that a pre-mordanting tannin step (using Gallnut, Myrobalan or other high-tannin) is less necessary when using pomegranate peel (or powder dye extract) to dye cotton, bamboo, and other plant (cellulosic) fibres.

We are delighted to supply our customers the best quality Pomegranate natural powder dye extract (Gold Mallow) which is derived from the peel. It is highly concentrated and of super quality to allow for a brilliant dyeing effect without having to collect, chop and deal with masses of peelings (which isn't that easy anyway being an expensive and seasonal fruit here in Europe). The Gold Mallow pomegranate natural dye powder will yield some loveliness in your dye pot producing darker/greeny yellows, green/browns, and if post-mordanted with Iron (ferrous) Sulphate will yield exquisite moss green/olive green colours, which are truly gorgeous.

We are so so passionate about natural dyeing with plant based dyes - it nurtures the natural, creative and colourful tendencies in all of us! Natural plant dyes are eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable and best of all fun! The experimentation and exploration always fascinates us, and keeps me glued to discovering the lovely ways of creating colour. We always say, never, ever feel down-beat or disgruntled if the desired result doesn't come true first time...creative, natural dyeing is a journey of passion, patience, and most importantly acceptance of imperfection.

We hope that you experience creativity, learning and fun when using our products.

In these difficult times, we also so very much appreciate all the support we are getting from all our beautiful followers and customers alike.....!!!

Get dyeing with "PomumGranatum"

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