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Our debut in VÄV

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Wonky Weaver are very pleased to make our debut advert in VÄV for the number 3 issue of 2020. We have worked extremely hard over the past year to bring our customers world leading weaving looms, weaving accessories, quality yarns, chemical dyes, and our extensive range of botanical dyes including indigo, madder, alkanet and so many more! We really are passionate about the art of dyeing and thrilled to see the spread on "The Colour Blue-Indigo" and the KITCHEN textiles project.

We stock a range of superbly high quality, 100% natural indigo dye powder along with the Soda Ash to ensure the pH value is 10-11 (alkaline). To ensure the indigo dye vat is free of oxygen, we also stock the effective oxygen reducing agent Thiox (also known as Thiourea dioxide or spectralite). For beginners, try our complete Indigo dyeing kit which includes everything needed to start out with indigo dyeing, including detailed instructions.

Go Blue with Indigo!

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