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The AVL Workshop Dobby Loom is back in stock

The AVL Workshop Dobby is an amazing light weight loom with a relatively small footprint but with the advancements of AVL CompuDobby V installed. It is manufactured by AVL in Chico, California using the finest materials and American Ash. You can move forward with complex weaving in a small workshop space and a great entry into computerised weaving. The WDL is available up to 24 harnesses, but with the wait and lead-time we are only stocking the 24" wide, and 24 harness version of the WDL.

The WDL has the following features:

  • Botton Swing Beater

  • Stainless steel reed included

  • Sectional warp beam with 2" removable sections (remove to use as plain beam) - a second warp beam system is an available extra.

  • Texsolv Heddles

  • AVL Sticky Front Beam

  • AVL Compu-Dobby VI

  • 2 -year AVL warranty.

Prices include VAT, delivery assembled (in the UK), and full ongoing technical support (UK based).

If you are interested, please contact us or visit our website -

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