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The Louët Spring II Floor Loom - assembled loom delivery options available

The Louët Spring II Floor Loom is a real dream loom for serious weavers!. The design makes weaving very easy and light and gives you the opportunity to weave any fibre from wool to silk or even mohair yarns. Its robust design will even enable you to weave the odd rug or heighten the tension for weaving with linen too.

Designed in the Netherlands, the Spring II is one of the most innovative floor looms on the market today. The design uses a parallel countermarch system for the harnesses and lamps and features a patented floating breast beam system. The warp beam is held by a friction brake enabling you to advance the fabric whilst sitting at your loom.

The function and quality of build plus a number of other innovations make weaving with the Spring II pleasurable including the adjustable beater to achieve the right height and level.

Here at Wonky Weaver we don't believe in just shipping you boxes and away you go. As weavers ourselves we offer full ongoing technical support, free telephone support and guidance on weaving with the Spring II. With a small additional charge, we offer a full assembly and delivery service anywhere in the UK meaning your new loom will arrive fully assembled. One of weavers will accompany the delivery meaning that you will be fully introduced to the loom, provided with hints and tips, such that your weaving experiences gets off the ground as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We currently have several Spring II 110cm; 12 Shaft versions available in stock now!

The loom package includes:

  • Stainless steel reed 40-10 (metric),

  • 800/1200 Texsolv heddles (390 mm)

  • Tie-up and lease sticks

  • Sixteen warp sticks

  • Assembly instruction Manual

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