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Win a Loom

Harrisville Designs Loom

 Free Entry - just your name &

email address is needed to win a loom worth £3000 - send us a chat or an email.  Winners will be announced at the Buxton Wool Gathering over the Coronation weekend.


Solve the Mystery

Win all 32 colours & £250 

We have a Mystery to solve!  Guess the colour of the mystery EASIDYE colour.  Purchase a Mystery pack in our web shop or at a show for £5, use the dye and then send us your guess at the colour.  Prize winners will be announced at the Southern Wool Show in September 2023.


New Ideas


We are always seeking new ideas, innovations, collaborations creativity and products for our portfolio.  If you believe we can work with you, please submit your ideas to us.  An investment of up to £2,000 will be granted to the winner for any ideas we take forward (subject to investment terms). 

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