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The brown colour is produced by grinding the bark of tree acacia nilotica. The dye is a rich source of brown tannin called catechu tannic acid, which is insoluble in cold water. When was used in pure form it produces very tiny colorless crystals. And when these crystals absorb oxygen then they give a yellow, then red, and finally a black color. The remaining by-product of the ground bark is used in leather industry, which gives high durability and tensile strength. The bark of the Acacia nilotica also secretes a special gum which is popularly known as the Babul Gum and is used as a key ingredient of medicines, silk screen printing, digital screen printing and in many adhesive uses. The leaves and the fruits of the plant are rich in tannin and Gallic acid. It shows good fastness on cotton, woolen and silk fabric.


Due to its concentration,  dye extract can be used at a level of 5% which is much lower than other forms of dye powder.


Free of any chemicals or processing aids for extraction.


Supplied in a pack of 25g

Acacia Bark Extract - 25g Pack

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