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Level Wind Systems Inc. is proud to offer it's Patent Pending Autowind flyer for the For the Louet S10C

Please take note this flyer if for the new style maiden that incorporates a plastic cradle in the front bearing block. P

This system is revolutionary for the industry as it is a self powered level wind flyer totally self contained. Our autowinders do not require special gear driven bobbins, oil or the need to move yarn guides at all. They are powered by two or three alkaline AAA batteries that will last for weeks to months at a time.

They are super easy to care for as you'll see in the photos, We have engineered these systems with large windows to keep those little pesky flyaway fibers out of the works. Its easy, just use a pair of tweezers or the like and remove them after a nice relaxing time of  spinning.

Autowinder for the Louet Concept spinning wheels fits S10C

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