The AVL Wooden loom bench is nothing less than a superb piece of furniture, and really is the perfect addition to any AVL Loom (or any other loom for that matter).  


This beautifully crafted bench has 4 adjustable height settings and seat tilts.  This versatile and adaptable bench is ergonomically designed to accommodate and provide comfort to all weavers using any AVL loom.


The AVL benches are crafted from beautiful Ash hardwood, the same wood type used to make the wonderful AVL looms.


Go all the way with AVL and compliment your loom with this lovely AVL bench!




  • Ash hardwood construction (to match the looms) and sturdy cast metal parts.
  • Cross-braced for added rigidity.
  • Raised feet to clear lower front crossmember. 
  • Four height settings: 22.5"- 25.5"
  • Adjustable seat tilt for ergonomic comfort.



  • Short bench is 24in wide and made to fit 16-40" weaving widths.
  • Wide bench is 35in wide and made to fit 48-72" weaving widths


AVL Loom Bench (2 sizes) - Adjustable

  • We are delighted to partner with AVL Looms.

    Our stock orders have been placed, and as these items are maticulously manufactured and hand crafted to order, product availability is scheduled for summer 2021.  

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