Need a place to store your shuttles and bobbins? This is it.


Create Storage right on Your Loom Bench

  • These superb high-quality bench storage bags are the best to provide a home for your shuttles and bobbins.  
  • Attaches right onto your loom bench and made of canvas with a metal and hardwood frame to maintain its shape. 
  • An easy add on to those who already own a AVL loom bench.  Check to see if you bench has pre-drilled holes in the seat. If it does, the bench bag will fit your bench!


AVL Bench Storage Bags

  • We are delighted to partner with AVL Looms.

    Our stock orders have been placed, and as these items are maticulously manufactured and hand crafted to order, product availability is scheduled for summer 2021.  

    Order and reserve now to avoid disappointment.