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The AVL sectional beam compliments any and all AVL Looms. The sectional beam comes in 2 main sizes (1/2 -Yard and 1-Yard) and also a smaller beam made especially for the Workshop Dobby Loom.


Sectional warping is a great way to warp wide warps at high yardage (100+ yard warps).  



  • Removable hoops to create 1" sections or larger. 
  • Can be used as a plain beam when hoops are removed. 
  • Ash hardwood construction
  • Steel axle for added rigidity and durability. 
  • Removable handle. 
  • 2-Year AVL Warranty. 



  • Beam
  • Hoops for 2" spacing (additional hoops can be purchased for 1" spacing).
  • Beam handle.
  • Separation roller and tension system.
  • Works with tension arm, slipping brake and locking brake tension systems.

AVL Loom Sectional Warp Beam - Workshop Dobby Loom

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  • Our mission is to build long -standing relationships with our customers.  We offer full advice, technical support, and upgrade packages for customers with existing AVL looms.  AVL looms are technically outstanding, with the latest and most advanced computer technology and weaving software available, however, we realise that this can be at first daunting for customers, but we are here to help advise, and guide you through everything you need to know.  

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