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The AVL Looms Warping Wheel with Cross Maker is perfectly designed for sectional warping.  These products are the state of the art for warping making it fast and efficient, and made from  hardwood Ash for ultimate durability.   Please note this price includes a package of both the Warping Wheel and the Cross Maker. 


The Warping Wheel and Cross Maker are really the best products for sectional warping suitable for hobbyist weavers right through to production weavers.   There really are no other products like these !! 


The AVL Warping Wheel Crossmaker is the perfect addition for the Warping Wheel. It makes cross-making so easy, especially with finer or more delicate threads where the masking tape transfer method is too rough on the yarn. The crossmaker mounts directly to the warping wheel via a clamping mechanism designed into the crossmaker.  


The AVL warping wheel and cross maker provides the following benefits:


1. Makes for easy and efficient sectional warping.

2. Avoids the need for a bobbin rack with bobbins. 

3. Avoids the need for a separate tension box as the wheel has a built in tensioning device to give a consistent and even tension on the warp beam.  

4. The wheel has a revolution counter for easy calculation of the overall desired warp length.  

5. The cross maker creates a cross at the end of the warp to keep the threads separate and perfectly ordered for threading the loom.

6. Use with any loom and sectional beam.


This package includes:

  • The AVL Warping Wheel (some assembly is required)
  • The Cross Maker
  • Full assembly and use instructions
  • 2-year AVL Warranty


We recommend the AVL Cone Caddy for use with the Warping Wheel - see information section.


Handcrafted in Chico, California, USA.


AVL Looms Warping Wheel including Cross Maker

  • The AVL Cone Caddy is a nice companion for cones and a great stand when using your Warping Wheel. It holds 4 cones of all sizes and includes thread guides for each cone.   A truly beautiful design

    • 4 cone capacity
    • Great for using with the AVL WarpIng Wheel. 
    • Thread guides for ease of use. 
    • Ash hardwood construction for durability. 
    • 2-Year AVL Warranty. 
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