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The AVL Looms open-end tapered pirns (also called bobbins) contribute significantly to the superior performance of AVL End-Feed Shuttles. Injection molded from rugged Duraplast-Super, these bobbins are light but nearly indestructible. 



  • Injection-molded plastic is durable and light-weight. 
  • Compatible with AVL Electric Bobbin Winder, Bobbin Winding Guide, and Automatic Bobbin Winder. 
  • Includes packet of 6 pirns.


  • Short pirns about about 5 1/4" long and fit the small AVL End-Feed Hand Shuttle.
  • Standard pirns are about 8" long and fit the standard sized AVL End-Feed Hand Shuttle and the End-Feed Flyshuttle. 

AVL Pirns (Aka Bobbins) - pack of 6

  • We are delighted to partner with AVL Looms.

    Our stock orders have been placed, and as these items are maticulously manufactured and hand crafted to order, product availability is scheduled for summer 2021.  

    Order and reserve now to avoid disappointment.


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