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The AVL Tension Box is used for warping the sectional beam with short or long warps.


Used in conjunction with a spool or cone rack and the AVL Track & Mount System, the tension box provides excellent tension for your warp as it winds onto the beam.



  • Unique heddle system that is used for conveniently putting a cross in each section.
  • Mates with the AVL track and mounting system allowing it to be slid along the width to the exact location desire.
  • Tension is established by running yarn over/under dowels.
  • The dowels are mounted in vertical slots to allow tension adjustment.
  • The tension box is provided with one 8 dent input mini-reed and two (8 and 10 dent) output mini-reeds, mounting hardware and instructions.
  • 2-year AVL warranty. 
  • Extra heddles for the Tension box can be purchased here.


Standard vs Heavy Duty?

  • A standard tension box uses hardwood doweling for the pegs used to establish tension on the yarn.
  • Stepping up to the heavy duty tension box gets metal pegs for added wear resistance and strength. The heavy duty tension box is used primarily by rug and Industrial Dobby Loom (IDL) weavers.

AVL Tension Box

  • We are delighted to partner with AVL Looms.

    Our stock orders have been placed, and as these items are maticulously manufactured and hand crafted to order, product availability is scheduled for summer 2021.  

    Order and reserve now to avoid disappointment.


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