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The AVL V-Series loom embodies simple sophistication and is the most effortless loom to operate. The V-Series is for those looking to push their pattern designing skills to the max while also keeping weft placement and warp tension control at the hands of the weaver's ability. In addition to 40 harnesses, the V-Series has a Compu-Dobby®, E-Lift (electronic harness lift) and 30 or 40 inch weaving (0.75m or 1m) width. At only 49" tall, the low-profile V-Series loom has a small footprint and does not take up much visual space in the home, studio, or classroom. 


Please note stated prices include delivery of assembled loom, and full ongoing technical support.



  • Compu-Dobby® with E-Lift Dobby Assist (please specify 110V or 220V)
  • Standard Bottom Swing Beater 
  • One Plain Beam (including apron and rod) - (optional Sectional Beam upgrade)
  • Built-In Shelf
  • Locking Brake (optional Dynamic Warp Tension System)
  • Built-In Track (for use with Tension Box)
  • Kiln-Dried Ash Construction
  • 25 Polyester Heddles/Harness +200 extra
  • Stainless Steel Reed: 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 Dent (please specify at time of order)
  • Tool Holder
  • Illustrated Instruction Manual
  • Standard AVL Warranty
  • 1-Year Subscription to 



  • E-Lift Dobby Assist means the raising and lowering of shafts is operated with a foot pedal and is as easy as a tap of the toes. Perfect for anyone suffering from lower body pain or fatigue.  
  • Compu-Dobby harness control gives ultimate design flexibility and is compatible with several weaving software programs, including WeavePoint and Fiberworks. However, any .wif (standard weaving file) can be used with our free AVL Drive loom control software. 
  • Perfect for small spaces! Low profile (49" tall) and 30" or 40" weaving widths means this loom has a small footprint and can fit into the nooks and crannies of your home, studio or classroom. 
  • Simple to use: The locking break system with foot-pedal release and stationary breast beam will be familiar to most weavers. The skills of the weaver are left to shine.

AVL V-Series Loom (30" Weaving width)

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  • We are delighted to partner with AVL Looms.

    Our stock orders have been placed, and as these items are maticulously manufactured and hand crafted to order, product availability is scheduled for summer 2021.  

    Order and reserve now to avoid disappointment.


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