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A superb beginners natural dye starter  kit from Wonky Weaver.  This kit is complete with easy to use and stunning botanical colours derived from the following dyes:


1. 25g Madder - a beautifully natural red, to deep pink colour - add calcium carbonate for enhancement.

2. 25g Annatto orange - a vibrant and pure orange colour.

3. 25g Marigold powder - a luxurious dark yellow and shades of gold.

4. 25g Turmeric - a rich and easy colour that never disappoints.

5. 25g Himalayan Rhubarb - a superb dye that never stops surprising

6. 25g Alkanet - now added too

6. 50g Gallnut

7. 25g Aluminium Acetate mordant

8. 50g ALUM mordant

9. Beginners guide to natural dyeing - printed leaflet.




This kit is enough to experiment with up to 600g of yarns or fibre, but will require you to have fun and explore accordingly.  Natural plant dyes can be used with plant (i.e. cotton, linen, rayon, hemp, bamboo, etc) or animal (i.e. silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca).


Please note that when using natural dyes, fabrics and fibres must first be mordanted, and with cotton either pre-mordanted with a tannin or with aluminium acetate as the mordant.  To make this easy for you, this kit includes a tannin (Gallnut), alum, and aluminium acetate to give you the flexibility to decide, however please do let us know if you want to exchange these items.  


If you wish to substitute any of the natural dyes listed below for any others listed in our shop, then this is perfectly fine - just send us a message when ordering and we will honour this for you.  


Also just message us of you wish to combine with our selection of yarns, scarves or any other items.  We are happy to be flexible!!



Beginners Natural Dye Kit - dyes & mordants

£25.00 Regular Price
£22.50Sale Price
  • Please just message us of you wish to select and combine any of our dyes, yarns, scarves or any other items.  We are happy to be flexible!!

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