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  • Deluxe Manual Carder with the motorized carder design. (Brush attachment, large and small flickers, clamp and doffer included).
  • The smaller version of our best manual carder, available in all types of cloth.
  • Frame is built with finished solid oak, 22" long, 12" wide and 14" tall.
  • Weighs 20 pounds.
  • Produces a 9" x 22" batt.
  • The teeth on our cloth are a hardened and highly tempered steel wire that is remarkable for its longevity and uniformity and they are 1/2" long.
  • Poly belt for a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Has easy adjustment knobs,
  • It can be used in the middle of a table and the handle will clear the table freely.
  • Convenient easy slide out tray for catching any debris that falls under the carder.
  • Interchangeable drums.

Brother Standard Deluxe Drum Carder

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