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This delightfully soft Khadi cotton yarn is beautifully spun on a charkha (also known as Charkha spun).  It chunky and approximately 0/2 ne equivalent cotton count. 


This 100% organic soft cotton yarn is truly soft and delightful.  Think marshmallow of cotton!  These yarns are spun in the local communities in India where the cotton is grown.


This cotton yarn is spun and has a natural colour and is unique for fibre arts, weaving, knitting and crochet projects bringing individuality and elegance to any fibre project.


This natural organic and raw cotton yarn is also perfect for dyeing using natural plant dyes.


All of our yarns are sourced from eco-friendly, natural and sustainable sources and through your purchase, you are significantly supporting the livelihoods of the local communities who produce them.


This cotton yarn is supplied in a bundle/skein of 100g as pictured, and for this cotton this equates to approx- 200 metres per 100g.


Equivalent cotton count is Ne 0/2

Chunky Khadi Spun Cotton Yarn (Ne 0/2)

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