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Cochineal is one of the most well known dyes due to its use in cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals and many other items.  It also has highly concentrated levels of carminic acid.    The colour comes from the female Dactylopius coccus bug which colonizes the prickly pear cactus natively found in the Canary Islands and also in Central and South America and Mexico.  


Cochineal dye (carminic acid) characteristically has excellent wash and light fastness and produces rich fuschia, red and purple colour shades.  These colours can be achieved through the use of pH adjusters (dye modifiers), and mordants.


The supplied packs contains whole bugs which can easily be ground to powder in a mortar and pestle.  Due to the concentration use only between 5-10% WOF for a medium depth of shade.


Packs are supplied in 25g, 50g, and 100g.

Cochineal - Whole Bugs -Dactylopius coccus

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