The traditional plain beam with dynamic warp tension system has been offered by AVL for many years on many of our looms, including the A-Series, Production, Technical, Folding, and Modular. The plain warp beam can be used in the upper or lower position. On an A-Series equipped with a 3-Beam setup, the 1/2-yard or plain beam is used in all three locations. This beam can be used with AVL warp beam flanges to create sections or when warping warps narrower than the weaving width. 



  • Beam, constructed from Ash hardwood. 
  • Apron made from durable canvas
  • Apron rod(s), steel
  • Ash hardwood removable handle
  • Separation Roller and tension system.
  • Works with tension arm, slipping brake and locking brake tension systems.

AVL Plain Warp Beams

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