Our illoominate™ custom-made loom lights are a superb option to illuminate your loom especially when weaving in a darker room or in the evenings.   These superbly bright , natural white light,  24-watt, slim line LED's will light everything up at all times to keep you weaving.  Suitable for any loom, from small table looms to large floor looms.


The lights are crafted from high-quality brushed aluminium extrusions and smooth light bar.  The loom light will include fixing instructions and fixings to easily attach to your loom.  The price includes transformer, fixings, mains lead plug and instructions.


These can be supplied as a single strip or double strip to fix onto each side (front and/or back) of the underside of your loom castle.


As our loom lights are custom-made, please contact us for a quote and include the following details:


1. Loom make and model.

2. Loom width 

3. Loom castle width and depth.

4. Advise whether you want x 2 strips for both sides of your castle.

5. Whether you would like a dimmer switch added.

illoominate™ Custom-made LED Loom strip lights - please contact us for a quote