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Here we have the wonderful Golden Fleece Drum Carders from the Netherlands.  This easy to use,  versatile drum carder 54 TPI excels in carding and blending coarse wool and other fibers. It precisely aligns fibers, priming them for spinning and is a valuable tool for fleece preparation in crafts like felting.

Crafted with precision, it ensures a smooth and quiet operation thanks to inserted bearings and an industrial poly drive belt.


The birch plywood frame measures 10” x 24” (25 x 60cm), and the carding cloth, made of highly tempered steel, guarantees long-lasting performance.


The drum carder 54 TPI yields batts sized at 7.5” x 24” (19 x 60cm).


Upon receiving it, simply attach the handle, and you’re ready to go.


This carder features interchangeable drums, allowing easy configuration adjustments for different fiber types.  You can therefore purchase additional drums with different TPI for swapping later.


This model is:


  • 54TPI (Coarse) – Ideal for the coarsest wool.


Included accessories:

  • Set of table clamps
  • Doffer pin
  • Cleaning brush
  • Set of Allen keys for adjustments


Drum Carder 54 TPI - Standard 19cm

Expected by early February 2024
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