Wonky Weaver Dye Fixing Solution is used as a Fixative for indigo dyeing, natural plant dyeing and Procion MX dyeing.  After the dyeing process, a fixative soak improves washfastness and wet fastness after dyeing.  Garments and fibres dyed with indigo, woad and many natural botanical and plant dyes can often bleed when exposed to perspiration or seawater, so this product fixes the dyes to prevent this from happening.


It also enhances the effects of soda ash when using Procion MX dyes to dye cellulosic materials and fibres such as cotton, linen, bamboo etc.


This Dye Fixing Solution works best with water at a pH of 7.0 so ideally indigo dyed garments should be first washed/neutralised with vinegar or citric acid after being vat dyed (where the pH can be around 10 or 11).  


Suitable protection should be worn when using the dye fixing solution as it may be harmful if swallowed, and may cause irritation to the eyes.  


The bottle volume is 120ml - this is sufficient to fix 4.5 lb dyed fibre/materials.

Dye Fixing Solution - Improves washfastness after dyeing