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The perfect tool for dyeing and colouring animal fibres EASIDYE is really the easiest way to get your dye bath set-up and underway.    


Effective balancing and fixing agents ensure a more level dispersion of the dye, and there is no need to use any other chemicals such vinegar or citric acid.  Just weigh and go!


The recommended usage is (we recommend experimentation with the material you are using):


  • For pastel/light shades use 1-2% WOF (that's 1-2g for every 100g of fibre)
  • For medium shades use 3-4% WOF (that's 3-4g for every 100g of fibre)
  • For darker shades use 5-6% WOF (that's 5-6g for every 100g of fibre)


EASIDYES are perfect for all animal fibres including Wool, Silk, Alpaca, Cashmere, Angorra, feathers etc


You can mix the colours to create your very own colour pallette. 


Supplied in 50g Packs

EASIDYE - All in One Acid Milling Dyes - 50g packs

£7.95 Regular Price
£6.76Sale Price
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