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Eri spun silk is beautifully soft and natural. Eri silk yarn is known as peace silk or Ahimsa silk as it is derived from the silkworm Samia ricini which feeds on the leaves of castor oil plants in the Assam region of India. It is known as peace silk as it is processed without any harm to the silkworm, allowing for a complete uncultivated natural environment for the worms to grow and for the moths to fully develop and fly free.


Eri silk has a lovely natural white colour with a fine and dense texture which is strong, durable and elastic providing excellent thermal properties, staying warm in winter, and cool in summer.


This silk is perfect for fibre arts, weaving, knitting and crochet projects bringing individuality and elegance to any fibre project.


All of our yarns are sourced from eco-friendly, natural and sustainable sources and through your purchase, you are significantly supporting the livelihoods of the local communities who produce them.


This silk yarn is supplied in a skein of 100g (approximately 1100 yards) as pictured.

Nm 20/2 fingering weight

Plain weave is 24 EPI


Eri Spun Silk Yarn 20/2Nm – 100g

SKU: 258
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