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Gallnut is an extract from the Aleppo Oak Quercus infectoria.

Naturally rich in tannins, it is used as a pre-mordant in natural dyeing processes, increasing lightfastness.  this particular dyers grade yields a light brown to yellow shade, but can also be combined with madder or indigo to create darker shades on wool and silk with a small amount of iron sulphate.


This colour is produced by steeping the oak gall powder in hot water until a pigment immerses, and then it is dried into powder form.


Free of any chemicals or processing aids for extraction.


It has high fastness and wash fastness.


Due to its concentration,  the dye extract can be used at a level of 5% which is much lower than other forms of dye powder.


Supplied in a pack of 25g

Gallnut Extract - Dyers Grade - 25g Pack

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