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The Glimåkra Weaving Temples make weaving easier and they are made from wood so they don’t scratch your loom or prick your fingers. The teeth of the Glimåkra temples are made thin and extremely sharp.

The  Weaving Temples are made to work within a range of widths, the longer ones with a wider range. They are also thicker and wider.


Weavers generally purchase more than one temple, selecting the sizes which work with the weaving widths they usually use.


Sizes available are as follows:


  • 20-25 cm
  • 25-32 cm
  • 30-40 cm
  • 35-45 cm
  • 40-55 cm
  • 50-75 cm
  • 60-90 cm
  • 70-110 cm
  • 80-130 cm

Glimakra Weaving Temples - range of widths

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