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This lovely little rigid heddle loom is made in Sweden by Gav Glimåkra Looms.  

This one is 35cm width (13.5 inch).  All components are metal and not plastic for strength and durability.


This deluxe  loom bundle means you can start weaving straight away with no other extras needed.  


The Loom Package  includes:


  • Three rigid heddles :

          8 dent 30/10) (perfect for bulkier yarns) - 

         10 dent (40/10) (perfect for worsted medium yarns)

         12 dent (50/10) (perfect for finer yarns)

  • Sley Hook
  • Threading Hook
  • Table Clamps (for use on table without stand)
  • Warping Peg
  • Shuttle
  • Texsolv cord
  • Second Heddle Holder
  • Instruction Book
  • Emilia Floor Stand - 35cm
  • Emilia Carry Bag made from canvas - 35cm





Glimåkra Emilia Rigid Heddle Loom Bundle - 35cm

£425.00 Regular Price
£403.75Sale Price
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