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An excellent guide for using 100% natural and organic plant dye powders to make your own inks, for many home-made items and artistic creations.  this guide walks through the soaking processes, right through to filtering, binding and storage.  You will end up with inks which can be used to naturally dye soaps, cosmetics, wood, buttons, or simply applied as water colours.  Natural dye inks can also be used to make pastes for block and lino printing.  The guide outlines everything you will need to get going included colour charts and recipes for ink making,

This guide is available immediately as an electronic pdf file on purchase.


This guide is included on purchase of any of the ink making kits.


Please note the copyright belongs to Wonky Weaver, and no copying or dissemination of this guide is permitted.

Guide to Making Inks using Natural Plant Dyes - electronic pdf

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