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Harrisville Designs Floor Loom - in stock now for immediate shipment.

Model A 22" Floor Loom (8 Harness/10 Treadle) 



HD Looms come with over 50 years of knowledge and history in their design.   All looms are of top quality and built to last with beautiful maple.  HD looms are complete with High Castle, Wheels, a Stainless Steel Reed of your choice and Inserted Wire Heddles. HD treadle tie-ups are chains with snaps, versus nylon/texsolv cords. The snaps make it very easy to change treadling pattern and the metal chains are very durable and will not stretch over time.


The Harrisville Designs floor looms are hand-built, using the highest quality hard rock maple wood. All these floor looms feature an innovative tie-up system, using “snap chains” instead of cords and knots, or wires that fall out. The tie-up is quick, simple and secure for any treadle to harness combination. The Harrisville designs looms are designed with a friction brake for excellent tension control and an adjustable beater to accommodate reeds of different heights and widths. The suspended harnesses make the jack-action light, quiet, smooth and rhythmical - the way it should be!


Unlike most looms, these floor looms are easily folded while fully warped, leaving the tie-up intact.   This makes them truly easy to transport, accomodate in small spaces, or be tucked away when needed.


The Model 22/8 weaves a full 22 inches (55.88cm) and comes with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles. The Model 22/8 is perfect for sample work and experimentation, while also providing the versatility of eight harnesses and complex weave structures. This loom offers you the chance to experience the excitement of multiple harness weaving at a surprisingly affordable price. You will find that our Models 22/8 and 36/8, complete with eight harnesses and ten treadles, are of fantastic value.


Key Features:


Weaving width: 22" (55.88cm)

Weight: 70 lbs

Includes: 8 harnesses, 10 treadles

Loom includes:  reed and approximately 600 wire heddles (please check which reeds are available - usually this will be supplied as 10 or 12 dent).

Castle height: 42"

Unfolded floor space: 28" x 34"

Folded floor space: 28" x 18"

Material: Lovely Maple Hardwood.


All of the floor looms now come equipped with wheels for easy and efficient manouvering.


Other Benefits:


  • The loom is delivered as a kit in boxes.  However a personal delivery and assembly service is available to customers on request.
  •  Kit looms require light sanding and an oil finish. Sandpaper, oil and tools are included.



Harrisville Designs Floor Loom Model A 22/8 (22" 8 Harness/10 Treadle)

  • At Wonky Weaver, we believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers, and will provide help, guidance and support all the way.  For purchases of new looms, we offer some discretionary discounts on accessories, kits, and yarns to get your weaving projects underway as quickly as possible. (please note these are subject to availability).

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