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Harrisville Designs - Shetland Wool - Silver Mist

0.5 lb cone


The Harrisville Designs core yarn is the Shetland wool yarn which comes in 64 colours.  This product has served as a true versatile workhorse for many years and is spun more tightly on the spinning frames (higher turns per inch) so it is highly durable and will wear better and better every year.  Shetland refers to the size of the yarn and not the fiber content. The wool is a blend of an Australian fine wool and a hearty New Zealand wool that gives the yarn it’s luster.


These cones of 100% virgin wool are approximately 900 yards per 1/2 lb cone (unwashed).


Sett: 10-12 e.p.i


The full range of colours will be available soon.


Please note that when finishing your project, gentle washing makes the wool yarn even softer and tighter in the weave. The wool fibres bloom and become fuller and lovely to the touch.  Obviously care needs to be taken in terms of water temperature and level of agitation to avoid over-felting the wool.  A gentle neutral detergent works best.  We have a concentrated wool wash solution available in our shop - Wonky Weaver™ - Gentle Wash Solution for Wool & Silk.

Harrisville Shetland Wool Yarn Cones - Silver Mist

  • We will accept returns for a refund within 14 days on all our products as long as they are intact, and in their original packaging.  Please note return postage costs are to be covered by the buyer and not by Wonky Weaver.  

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