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Wonky Weaver® Natural Henna Dye Powder is derived from the leaves of the botanical Lawsonia inermis.  It is the natural chemical lawsone that is responsible for the reddish brown colour.  


Henna can be used to make an antioxidant used in organic and eco-friendly indigo dye vats as an alternative to fructose or madder - in a plant indigo vat.


This form of Henna is commonly used in hair colouring but can also be used to dye textiles, fabrics and fibres of all types including cellulosic and protein-based fibres.   This dye is powder is filtered and very fine.


Henna bonds well with protein forming a red-orange colour, and on cellulose henna yields yellow greens.


It is always recommended to first wash the fabric prior to dyeing, and when using cotton, an aluminium (Alum or Aluminium acetate) based mordant generally results in better dyeing effectiveness.  It should be used at a range of between 10-20% weight of fibre (WOF) depending on intensity of the desired colour.


Wonky Weaver® Natural Plant Dyes and Extracts are derived from botanical sources, and are both sustainable and ethically produced.  We carefully source our dyes from suppliers we trust to uphold the highest of standards in quality.   


Using plant dyes is very enjoyable and satisfying but does require some degree of experimentation to get the desired coloration of your fibres, yarns and fabrics.  Results also depend on the type, weight and make-up of the fibre, and water quality, temperature and length of time in the dye bath amongst many other factors.  The type of mordants, dye assists and modifiers will also affect the resultant colour of your dyed materials.


The Henna powder is supplied in 50g resealable pouches which should be sufficient to dye up to 200g -500g of fibre depending on intensity of desired colour.


Please store your dyes out of reach of children, out of sunlight and under dry conditions.

Natural Henna Dye Powder - Natural Lawsonia inermis

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