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This dye extract is taken from Rheum emodi also known by Himalayan rhubarb and is a conventional natural dye used for textile coloration. It creates a bright yellow colour and has an odoriferous property. The dye when dissolved in soft water and gives golden yellow shade with the salt Alum and copper sulphate on wool and silk.  Purples and pinks can be formed under alkaline conditions.


This plant shares core medicinal values in the Indian Ayurveda, it acquires anti - inflammatory and anti - bacterial properties. The medicinal properties of the same are as purgative and astringent tonic.


Due to its concentration,  dye extract can be used at a level of 5% which is much lower than other forms of dye powder.


Free of any chemicals or processing aids for extraction.


Supplied in a pack of 25g

Himalayan rhubarb Extract - 25g Pack

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