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Wonky Weaver Indigo Blue dye is derived from the botanical, Indigoferra tinctoria using a fully natural fermentation, extraction, drying, and powdering process.  There are no added chemicals, reagents or processing agents.


This dye is an excellent rich quality and 100% natural containing approximately 40-45% indigotin which is the natural colourant in indigo - making it navy blue to very dark blue shades.


Indigo can be used to produce pale blue through to dark blue colour shades. The indigo dye powder is concentrated and ideal for natural dyeing of cellulose materials such as cotton, linen and bamboo, and also perfect for protein fibres such as silk and wool.


Indigo should be used in a dye vat which can be set up using a multitude of recipes depending on dyeing preferences using a range of ingredients. However, we recommend a simple method using soda ash (for pH alkalinity) plus the use of an oxygen reducer such as Thiourea dioxide (also termed Spectralite or THIOX) if you want to achieve standardised and consistent results. You can also use Hydro Sodium Dithonate (also termed HYDROS) as an alternative oxygen reducer but you will require slightly greater quantity than THIOX due to differing efficiencies in scavenging oxygen in the vat.  Oxygen reduction is essential when dyeing with indigo. All of these indigo dye vat ingredients are available in our website shop. Alternatively you can purchase the Indigo dye kit which contains everything you need to get started with dyeing with indigo.  There are other kits available including iron, fructose and henna kits  - all great ways to experiment with indigo.


The indigo is supplied in resealable pouches.  


The 1kg option is supplied in a wholesale heavy duty poly bag.


Wonky Weaver® Natural Plant Dyes and Extracts are derived from botanical sources, and are both sustainable and ethically produced. We carefully source our dyes from suppliers we trust to uphold the highest of standards in quality.


Using plant dyes is very enjoyable and satisfying but does require some degree of experimentation to get the desired coloration of your fibres, yarns and fabrics. Results also depend on the type, weight and make-up of the fibre, and water quality, temperature and length of time in the dye bath amongst many other factors. The type of mordants, dye assists and modifiers will also affect the resultant colour of your dyed materials.


Please store your dyes out of reach of children, out of sunlight and under dry conditions.

Indigo Natural Plant Dye Powder (Indigo Blue)

  • On purchase of the indigo powder you have the option to add the necessary items such as soda ash and Thiox.  These are necessary for the indigo to work.   You will get 50g Thiox and 100g Soda Ash with this addition.

  • A set of instructions will be included with purchase of the indigo dye powder.  Please note the recipe contained in the instructions is only a suggested method, as there are many possibilities with indigo dyeing and setting up your dye vat.

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