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The Buddy Spinning Wheel is Lojan's new spinning wheel, designed and manufactured in the Netherlands by Jan Louët and his daughter Loes.  These wheels are designed for both new and experienced spinners where quality, affordability and ease of use are important.


The wheel features a double treadle, and comes with the following:


  • Four Bobbins and a stand alone lazy kate are included.
  • A new innovative Dutch tension system based on Irish tension but improved by Jan.  The wheel is bobbin-led, but because of the aerodynamical design of the flyer you can spin with a very low pull on the yarn. That makes Dutch tension very suitable for spinning thin yarns as well as thick and art yarns.
  • 5 ratios from 1:4 to 1:18, orifice of 18 mm (0.7") and special insert makes the Buddy an all-rounder: enabling you to spin thin, thick and art yarn.
  • A 12 mm special insert can be aligned so that the yarn does not wobble.
  • Easy to move large sliding guides with an opening, allowing you to insert the yarn instead of threading it through.
  • Effective, simple and easy to assemble.
  • Packaging free of any plastic




  • A natural finish which allows you to choose your own finish such as Danish oil etc
  • Material: solid beech and beech laminated wood
  • Ratios: 1:4 / 1:6 / 1:9 / 1:13 / 1:18
  • Wheel diameter: 41 cm (16")
  • Bobbin capacity: about 200 grams (7 oz.)
  • Orifice height: 65 cm (25.5")
  • Weight: 5 kg (11 lbs.)

Lojan Buddy - Double Treadle

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