The Louet Delta loom is a beautful loom made of lacquered ash and comes with the castle section assembled. The loom is equipped with a built-in raddle, a shelf for storage, a stainless steel reed, Texsolv heddles, tie-up and lease sticks and sixteen warp sticks.  It is equipped with a friction brake device on the warp beam and a ratchet advancing system on the cloth beam.

Please note that the bench and shuttles shown in the product photo are sold separately.


We truly love the Delta and our own weavers here at Wonky Weaver use the Delta for some of our hand woven originals products.


Dimensions (w/d/h)
Delta 130: 160 x 100 x 128 cm (63” x 39 3/8” x 50 3/8“)



Delta 130: 93 kg (205 lb)

Add 8 kg (17 lb) for an extension sets


Louët Delta Loom - 130 cm (12 shafts)