The electric drum carder is equipped with a powerful built-in 370 W motor (230 Volt -5 0 Hz), which drives the big drum with a geared V-belt system to approximately 90 r.p.m. A switch is located in the front panel. It has 72 tpi carding cloth and 19 cm (8”) wide drums.

The electric drum carder lends itself to effortless, two hand feeding. It comes complete with transparent plastic protection cover for safety, doffer brush, doffer pin and carding booklet.


The features of this carder are as follows:


The turning capacity  - approximately 80 grams per batt

The fleece dimension is 19cm x 25cm

72 teeth per square inch with teeth length of 14mm

Motor 230V-370 W

The carder is built from waterproof birch plywood with a white HPL top layer.

The carder weighs 26kg


Please note this is an order only item which may take up to 2-8 weeks for delivery after ordering.

Louët Electric Drum Carder - Standard 72 tip

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