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The most simple configuration of the Louët S10 Concept wheel has the classic disc wheel, and you can choose to have it set up with a single or double treadle and Scotch or Irish .


There are also wheel options with Classic, 3 Spokes or 5 Spokes - please select when ordering.


Our S10 wheels come complete with your a sliding guide flyer, 3 standard bobbins and twine rack for storing bobbins.


As with all Louët spinning wheels, the S10 is quiet and well-balanced and the use of quality ball-bearings eliminates the need for regular lubrication. 


When you receive your S10 wheel,  it will require basic assembly by connecting together the pre-assembled base, wheel and mother-of-all.  It is supplied complete with all the tools you will need and a clearly-written instruction booklet.  Every version of the S10 Concept wheel can be easily disassembled so it fits the optional carrying bag.  




  • Main wheel diameter: 50 cm (19 3/4")
  • Ratios: 1:5.5, 1:7.5, 1:10.5
  • Orifice (Regular): 12 mm (1/2"), height from the ground 70 cm (27 5/8")
  • Weight: approx 6 kg (13 lb)


Overall, the S10 is a really versatile wheel with a range of bobbins and flyers available and options for expansion.  These include Art Yarn bobbins and flyers (Irish Tension-version only) and a High Speed set for spinning fine yarns. 

Louët S10 Concept Spinning Wheel - Classic

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