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The wonderful Megado is Louet's top of the range "flag ship" floor weaving loom.  This 32 shaft loom along with a connected electronic dobby device certainly makes for one of the best in computerized weaving, and can be fully connected with wifi.


Megado looms feature a counter march shed. This is accomplished by lifting the back beam at the same time as the shafts are being lifted. The beam movement also compensates for changes in warp tension as the shed is made. An innovative construction ensures the action of the well balanced pedal to be very light in operation. This main pedal and also the optional weaving bench are adjustable in height to accommodate the weaver’s physical requirements.


The Megado is available is several weaving widths:


Dimensions (w/d/h)
Megado 40 - 91 x 127 x 131 cm (36′′ x 50′′ x 52′′) 
Megado 70 - 121 x 127 x 131 cm (47 5/8′′ x 50′′ x 52′′)
Megado 90 - 141 x 127 x 131 cm (55 1/2′′ x 50′′ x 52′′)
Megado 110 - 161 x 127 x 131 cm (63 3/8′′ x 50′′ x 52′′)
Megado 130 - 181 x 127 x 131 cm (71 1/4′′ x 50′′ x 52′′)


Included are: a large shelf, built-in raddle, a stainless steel reed 40-10 (10 dpi), 900 to 1700 premounted heddles (390 mm), lease and tie-up sticks and sixteen warp sticks.


You can design your own weave patterns (software packages that work with the Megado interface include Fiberworks PCW, Patternland, PixieLoom, Weavemaker, Proweave and Weave It) and connect to the Dobby 2 software using your wifi. The Dobby 2 interface supports both PC and MacIntosh operating systems.


The new Dobby 2 benefits from:


  • Much less noise – the previous version of the Dobby needed a fan, this constant background noise has now been reduced due to the Louet Dobby 2 needing less cooling because it includes a separate power adapter.
  • The Louet Dobby can be controlled wirelessly (without USB cable) from the Web browser on a tablet, smart phone, laptop or PC. It can also be operated directly from weaving software via USB connection, making it work exactly like the previous version of the electronic Dobby.
  • The Louet Dobby 2 interface software does not depend on versions of the operating system or weaving software. The software is built into the Dobby and new versions can be updated remotely from Louet.


Please enquire if you would prefer the smaller 16 shaft versions, also available in the range of widths.


Please note there is currently a 12-16 -week lead time on this loom

Louët Megado -32 Shaft Electronic Dobby 2.0 - Available in 5 widths

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