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The Octado is Louets 8-shaft Dobby floor loom and the electronic Dobby version will give you almost unlimited harness combinations, you can design your weave pattern on your computer and send it to the loom to weave. The dobby interface supports both PC and Apple Mac operating systems and works with most popular computer weaving software from: Fiberworks PCW, Patternland, Weavemaker, Weave It and Proweave. The electronic Dobby comes with a USB cable and a power cord. Power selection of 110V or 230V can be made for use world wide by simply changing the fuse block position.


The Octado is available in 3 weaving widths;  70cm, 90cm and 110cm, and is constructed from Lacquered solid beechwood.


The Octado electronic dobby weaving loom has a similar operating method to the familiar Megado, providing a big counter marche shed and a very light treadling action.


The middle (castle) section of the Octado comes completely assembled. A detailed instruction manual will help you to complete the assembly without any problems. Included with the loom are the electronic dobby 2.0, a shelf and built-in raddle, a stainless steel reed (40 dents per 10cm),  Texsolv heddles, lease and tie-up sticks and warp sticks. Please note a bench is not included.


If you need help to assemble and deliver assembled, then we are happy to do so anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

Louet Octado Electronic Dobby - 8 Shafts

Delivery expected within 12 weeks of order
  • Octado 70 – 115 x 99 x 127 cm
    Octado 90 – 135 x 99 x 127 cm
    Octado 110 – 155 x 99 x 127 cm

  • Octado 70 – 45 kg
    Octado 90 – 48 kg
    Octado 110 – 53 kg

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