Our superb Luxor cotton yarn is from Egypt and really is the best quality and most versatile money can buy.  This cotton is mercerized, and has a wonderful lustre and shine, and perfectly strong and durable.  It is a perfect yarn for weaving dish towels, placemats, napkins, and scarves amongst many other things.  It can be combined with other types of fibre such as wool and silk for added warmth and luxury. 


The details of our Luxor White Perle Cotton Yarn 10/2 are as follows:

• Fiber content: 100% Egyptian Cotton 
• Gauge is K: N/A • C: 8-10.5 stitches/in on sz sz Steel 6-8 or B-1 
• Lace 
• Wraps/inch (wpi) 34 
• Weaving tabby sett 18 to 25 
• Weaving twill sett 24 to 36 
• Yardage: 4200 yards/lb


We are selling Luxor as a range of skeins, and cones and this yarn is perfect for those who would like  purchase and then dye their own quality cotton yarn.  Alternatively we offer this as a "dye to order" product using the same colours offered in our chromatic cotton range.

Luxor White Egyptian Perle Cotton Yarn 10/2 ne