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Ever dreamt of crafting your own blending board?

With the Golden Fleece DIY kit 108 TPI deluxe, that dream becomes a reality. This comprehensive kit includes a 30 x 30 cm blending board pad, two Golden Fleece deluxe blending brushes, and a set of rolag rollers. The pad can be stapled onto any backing board using a strong staple gun.  Do not use glue as this negatively affects the flexibility and movement of the teeth.  


Once you’ve assembled your blending board, it’s ready for immediate use.


Specifications of DIY kit 108 TPI deluxe:


  • Blending board pad: 30 x 30 cm (12″ x 12″)
  • TPI (teeth per inch): 108 TPI (for fine wool and delicate fiber)
  • Set of rolag rollers included
  • 2 high-quality blending brushes, one with straight wire and one with a knee for optimal blending results.


Make Your Own Blending Board Kit - 108 TPI

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