This mulberry silk noil yarn also called “bourette” is derived from the Bombyx silk worm that feeds on mulberry leaves. The noil is made from the shorter fibres remaining after making the higher finish spun silk.


This silk noil yarn comes as a lovely natural colour and finish with a lovely dense softness ideal for any silk oriented weaving projects. This yarn is also excellent for dyeing with natural plant or acid dyes.


All of our yarns are sourced from eco-friendly, natural and sustainable sources and through your purchase, you are significantly supporting the livelihoods of the local communities who produce them.


This silk yarn is supplied in a skein of 100g (approximately 490 yards) as pictured.

Nm 10/2 fingering weight

Plain weave is 10 EPI

Mulberry “Bombyx” Silk Noil Yarn (10/2 nm) – 100g