This natural hair dyeing kit, contains pure natural and organic henna and indigo leaf powders, powdered cinnamon, instructions and a recipe book for making your natural hair dye pastes.


This kit includes:


  • 100g Henna
  • 100g Indigo leaf
  • 5g cinnamon
  • Instruction and Recipe Booklet


Combining indigo leaf & henna is perfect for achieving aubern to black colour shades.  


If you wish to add sheen to black hair use indigo leaf on its own.  

For reddish browns, and copper shades, use henna powder mixed with lemon juice or cider apple vinegar.  


Please note that henna & indigo are plants that have their own unique characteristics depending on when and where they are grown.
Our hair and skin also has it’s very own unique make-up, so always be patient when trying natural dyes.  It may take a few attempts before you reach your desired colour shade


Always strand test first.

Natural Hair Dyeing Kit (Indigo leaf, Henna & Cinnamon)