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Making home-made inks and liquid dyes from natural botanicals is great fun, and provides an eco-friendly and diverse way to create a beautiful pigments suitable for applications including painting, sketching, block printing, dyeing natural woods, adding natural colour to candles, soaps and cosmetics.  The ink making kit contains enough to make between 50-100ml ink:


1. 100% natural Sappanwood powder 

2. Xtract Powder

3. Binding Powder

3. Filter Papers x 2

4. Labelled Jar

5. Full Instructions Leaflet

6. Plastic Pipettes x 2


Optionally you can add a filter funnel.  We provide a foldable silicone funnel for easy storage.  We do not include this as part of the kit as it can be washed and re-used several times.


This ink kit is designed to create a bright "hot" pink.  It also makes a lustrous thicker ink when adding in the binding agent.  


Our natural ink making kits, enables you to infuse a totally natural plant dye to very easily produce a perfect colourful dye liquid that is safe, non-toxic, and can be used for many colour and dye applications.


Please store your inks out of reach of children, out of sunlight and under dry, and cool conditions.

Natural Sappanwood Ink Making Kit - Hot Pink

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