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This range of lovely chunky soft Wool Yarn comes in a range of natural colours.  These yarns are ideal for weaving, knitting and other fibre crafts.


  • 2/4 Nm Naturally Soft Chunky Soft Wool
  • Sett: 8-10 e.p.i


This wool yarn is supplied on 200g cones (ball on cone).


Please note that when finishing your project, gentle washing makes the wool yarn even softer and tighter in the weave. The wool fibres bloom and become fuller and lovely to the touch.  Obviously care needs to be taken in terms of water temperature and level of agitation to avoid over-felting the wool.  A gentle neutral detergent works best.  We have a concentrated wool wash solution available in our shop - Wonky Weaver™ - Gentle Wash Solution for Wool & Silk.

Natures Chunky - Soft Wool Yarn - Colbred

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